Ufone Call Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly (Updated March 2021)

Ufone Call Packages

You Need to Know about Ufone Call Packages

Ufone packages still provide enticing deals for customers prepaid and postpaid. Therefore, we will discuss Ufone Call Packages on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly in this time. In addition, the article includes prepaid and postpaid packages, including information on call packages u to u free and call packages for Ufone to all network.

Call or SMS is the simple need to be associated with your loved ones. A variety of telecommunications companies in Pakistan sell various packages at different prices. But customers certainly want packages that meet their needs at low cost. However, inspecting all shipments is also difficult.

Ufone Hourly Call Packages

One of the best bundle of ufone, which can be use with respect to hours. Here, the complete detail of Hourly ufone call packages.

Package NamePower Hour
PriceRs. 7.17 Incl. Tax
Free Offer Detail60 On-net Minute, 60 SMS, 60 MBs Free Internet
Validity1 Hour (60 Minutes)
Activation CodeDial *99#
To Check StatusDial *707#
Package Name3 Pe 3 Package
PriceRs. 6 Incl. Tax
Free Offer Detail120 On-net Minutes
Validity2 Hours
Activation CodeDial *343#

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Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone has some packages for 1 day which used entire a day (24 Hours). The name of these packages are 24 Ghantay package, Beyhisaab offer and daily Pakistan offer. You can find the complete detail about code of activation and deactivation of these packages are as follows.

If you already have enough balance, daily call packages are automatically re-activated at 12 pm. The next day shipments are not re-activated because they are automatically re-activated. Super 5 offers is the most commonly used telephone plan for unlimited telephone calls, from 5am to 5pm.

The call package is Super 5 offers. The Daily Pakistan Deal is another awesome call package provided by Ufone that allows you to have unlimited phone, PTCL and vfone calls with unlimited mb. Ufone continues to put in impressive additional rewards including SMS and Internet MBs for new everyday call packages.

Package Name24 Ghantay Package
PriceRs. 9, 15 paisa per call will be charges
Free Offer Detail86400 On-net Minutes
Validity1 Day
Activation CodeDial *5700#, To deactivate dial *2457#.
Package NameBeyhisaab Offer
PriceRs. 14.5, Additionally 13 Paisa +tax charge on each call
Free Offer DetailUnlimited On-net Minutes
Validity1 Day
Activation CodeDial *5700#
Package NameDaily Pakistan Offer
PriceRs. 18
Free Offer Detail100 On-net Minutes, 10 MBs Free Internet
Validity1 Day
Activation CodeDial  *888#, 15 Paisa will be charge on each call. Dial *8880# to deactivate. Dial *707# to check status

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Here, we give the detail of 7 day Ufone packages weekly Pakistan offer, Asli chappar phaar offer, and supper minutes packages. For more detail about these packages, and to activate and deactivate see below explanation.

Package NameWeekly Pakistan Offer
PriceRs. 100, Per call charges 15 Paisa
Free Offer Detail700 On-net Minutes, 100 MBs Free Internet
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial *8888#, Dial *707# to check remaining bundle 20 Paisa charge
Package NameAsli Chappar Phaar Offer
PriceRs. 120, Additionally 15 Paisa Per call charges
On-net Minutes100 On-net Minutes, 100 SMS, 1 GB Free Internet
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial *5050#, To check remaining bundle dial *707#
Package NameSuper Minutes Package
PriceRs. 130
Free Offer Detail100 Other Network Minutes
Validity7 Days
Activation CodeDial *210#

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Like other network in Pakistan, Ufone has also monthly call packages such as Sim lagao offer, Nayi Sim offer, Monthly Pakistan package, Super card and super card plus. All of these packages can be use entire the whole month (30 days). To subscribe and un-subscribe these packages see below detail.

Package NameSim Lagao Offer
PriceRs. 0
Free Offer Detail6000 On-net Minutes, 6000 SMS, 6 GB Free Internet
Validity30 Days
Activation CodeDial *5000#, Limited time offer
Package NameNayi SIM Offer
PriceRs. 50
Free Offer Detail500 On-net Minutes, 25 Other Network Minutes, 500 SMS, 1 GB Free Internetn3G/4G
Validity30 Days
Activation CodeDial *1000#
Package NameMonthly Pakistan Package
PriceRs. 418
Free Offer Detail4000 On-net Minutes, 400 MBs Free Internet
Validity30 Days
Activation CodeDial *8888#, 15 Paisa per call charges. Dial *8880# to deactivate and dial *707# to check remaining bundle in 20 paisa
Package NameSuper Card (550 Per Month)
PriceRs. 550
Free Offer Detail1000 On-net Minutes, 150 Other network minutes, 4000 SMS, 1.2 GB
Validity30 Days
Activation CodeLoad Super Card
Package NameSuper Card Plus
PriceRs. 599
Free Offer Detail1200 On-net Minutes, 180 Other network minutes, 4200 SMS, 2 GB Free Internet
Validity30 Days
Activation CodeDial *250#

Other Ufone Call Packages

Two wonderful ufone call packages which can be use for 2 days and 15 days are Super recharge package and Super mini card respectively. See below detail about these bundles to enjoy with this offers.

Package NameSuper Recharge Package
PriceRs. 50
Free Offer Detail300 On-net Minutes, 10 Other Network Minutes, 700 SMS, 100 MBs Free Internet
Validity2 Days
Activation CodeDial *300#
Package NameSuper Mini Card – Rs. 330
PriceRs. 330
Free Offer Detail500 On-net Minutes, 75 Other network minutes, 3500 SMS, 600 MBs Free Internet
Validity15 Days
Activation CodeDial *230#

About Ufone Telecom

The Ufone is Pakistani famous telecommunication organization which provide lot of mobile packages. All ufone call packages prices from Rs. 5 to Rs 599. By subscribing ufone call package, you will get free on-net minutes, off net-work minutes, free SMS and internet. Sometimes, packages code are not remember to access the packages. Therefore, you will easily activate ufone packages by dialing different code of packages which you want to get packages. These codes are given below in full detail.

The Ufone “Behisaab” deal can also be subscribed to by the customer, offering unlimited on-line minutes for the entire day and adding 86400 minutes to the regular Ufone 24 ghantay plan to use the rubles for PCTL and Vfone with Rs. 8.99. Including 1GB of Internet data and 100 free SMS with 100 free On-net minutes per 80 rupees, Ufone ‘Asli Chappar Phar’ deals for the week.

The users can only get all features such as Ufone Super Recharge bundle, Ufone Super Mini card, Ufone Super Card and Ufone Consumer Super Card Plus for a cost of 45, 299, 520, and 599. The validity period is provided by the Ufone mini card.

Ufone Pakistan provides a daily, weekly and monthly period of validity and has two functionalities, including free Internet minutes and text messages. Tax and terms and conditions are applied to the cost of all packages placed across the Ufone network. Ufone also provide several sms bundles for its users.

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