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Equinox has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. It has over 60 sites across the United States, as well as in Toronto and London. Equinox

Despite its hefty membership cost, it provides a high level of quality when it comes to the fitness institution and is thus well-liked by a wide spectrum of people.

However, owing to unforeseen circumstances, you may wish to cancel your Equinox membership. To do so, you must follow the Equinox cancellation policy, as Equinox fitness is known for its contracts that tie its members. This is the main reason why it is disliked by the members, and canceling it becomes a difficult chore.

We’ll go over questions like ‘Can I cancel my Equinox membership?’ and ‘Can you cancel your Equinox membership online?’ and so on.

How To Cancel An Equinox Membership

Before going to the methods on how to cancel Equinox gym membership, let us first know what are some of the points for a member who is outside and inside the first year term.

Outside one year term:

  • The member who is outside the first year of their membership can go for the Equinox cancellation membership with the notice that is aforesaid in the agreement.
  • By giving the manager a necessary notification.
  • To stop the billing, you must first fill out a cancellation form and then pay a rate.
  • When the cancellation procedure is complete, you will receive a receipt for the form.
  • If visiting the club is no longer practicable, the member may send a cancellation letter to the club’s registered email address.

Inside one year term:

If the member is inside the first year of its membership, they need to cancel their membership with proper notice as per the agreement on the membership either for the following mentioned reasons i.e Medical and Relocation.

Medical: If your doctor determines that you are physically unfit for a workout for more than five to six months, you must send a written letter from your doctor to the fitness company requesting cancellation. You can hand deliver this letter to the management and then fill out the cancellation form. Make sure to include your contact information, as the employer may need to contact you directly.

As an Equinox member, if the time comes that you need to relocate 25 miles or more away from any of the Equinox locations, you are eligible to cancel your fitness Equinox membership. Just provide proof of relocation, for example, a lease, a letter from human resources, a utility bill, or a deed to a house.

Requirements to cancel my Equinox membership:

  • The Equinox Membership ID is a unique number that identifies you as a member
  • Access to the membership contract.
  • The cause for the cancellation of membership.
  • Your account’s information.
  • Information about the individual.
  • Information on how to contact us.

Cancel Membership Equinox Methods

  1. Via In-Person.
  2. Via Mail.

(1) How To Cancel Your Equinox Membership Via In-Person

The answer to your question on whether you can cancel your Equinox membership is yes. In order to cancel your Equinox membership in person, you need to follow the below-described steps.

  1. To begin, gather all pertinent documents for the Equinox cancellation, including a copy of the Equinox membership contract.
  2. Look for the manager of the Equinox Fitness Club.
  3. Make a request to have your membership cancelled.
  4. The staff will provide you with a cancellation form to complete.
  5. Pay the pro-rate so that your membership billing ceases.
  6. The copy of the cancellation form will be provided to you as a receipt, indicating that the procedure has been completed.
  7. If there is a fee to terminate your Equinox membership, you may be required to pay it.
  8. After 30 days and 60 days of cancelling your membership, make sure to verify the statement of billing linked with your account to confirm that you were not charged any further fees.

(2) How Do I Cancel Equinox Membership Via Mail

For Equinox to cancel my membership through the mail, we need to go through the below steps:

  • To begin, write a cancellation letter that includes all relevant documents and evidence, as needed, based on the Equinox membership cancellation policy.
  • Then, send this letter to [email protected], your home club’s certified postal address.
  • The Equinox fitness firm will then cancel your membership based on the number of days you gave notice, collect the pro-rate, and stop charging you.
  • The post office will provide you confirmation that the Equinox company has authorised the cancellation letter.

Cancellation tip:

Usually, the members who are under one year of membership break the contract, so one must ensure they are steady while the process is going on.

How To Cancel Equinox Membership Online

The answer to this question is “no.” The Equinox fitness company does not allow any online method for the cancellation of membership.

So one must follow any of the methods that are mentioned above so that you can successfully go through the process of canceling your Equinox membership.

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