The Impact of E-Health on Pakistan’s Healthcare System

Pakistan’s healthcare system is severely underdeveloped and in desperate need of reform. Pakistan continues to struggle with outdated techniques and methods for dealing with tasks that demand efficiency.

We are dealing with diseases like polio and measles due to a lack of efficient means and knowledge in the field of medicine, whereas the rest of the world has totally eradicated these diseases.

What is E-health?

The term E-health has a very broad meaning to it. It does not only mean technology and medicine. It has a very vast concept behind it that needs to be understood.

Many people misinterpret the term by just typically relating it to the concept of getting health care services via online platforms and buying medicine online but that is not the case.

Following is the list of 10 e’s that constitute the word E-health.

1. Efficiency

E-most health’s powerful oath is efficiency. The healthcare system’s efficiency reduces costs by minimizing unneeded interventions.

Efficiency lowers costs while also allowing for the provision of equitable and just healthcare to the entire community. However, in nations like Pakistan, poor people are unable to gain from it.

2. Enhances Quality

E-health not only improves efficiency but also encourages health care providers to raise their quality standards.

Consumers may now evaluate quality, standards, and metrics to forecast the highest quality suppliers, thanks to increased competition. For severe disease, one might even search for the greatest physician on a global scale.

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3. Evidence-based

Because it works with the human body, everything based on evidence is deemed effective and true in medicine. Nothing is deemed rigorous if it is dependent on assumptions. This is why, rather than guesses, e-health solutions should be founded on genuine study evidence.

4. Empowerment of patients

E-health allows users to readily access medicine-related information on the internet. You may actually search the internet for every possible side effect and advantage of the treatment to improve your understanding of the ailment you’re dealing with and the medication to see the potential benefits and drawbacks.

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5. Encouragement of a strong relationship

E-health provides a way towards a better relationship between the health care provider and the patient. It helps in a better understanding of the disease and its cure.

6. Education

E-health, or the internet, allows people to expand their knowledge and stay current on new and advanced technology and diseases. It is one of the top resources for improving your knowledge and understanding of your chosen field.

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7. Enables better communication

It creates the relationship between the health care provider and the patient to communicate about the situation in a better manner.

8. Extension

With the use of e-health, one can prevail over the services from around the globe.

9. Ethics

With the accessibility of e-health, new norms and policies are expected to emerge in order to avoid unethical practices. We all know that technology is the most beneficial instrument in this century, yet it can also be destructive and result in irreversible losses.

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10. Equity

The major goal of the notion of e-health was to develop a system that was fair to everyone, but this is regrettably not the case in Pakistan. Some people in Pakistan are still living in poverty.

They are completely unaware of the internet and its associated services. As a result, it is unlikely that the e-healthcare system will provide an equitable opportunity to all.

Effectiveness of E-health in Pakistan

There’s a reason Pakistan is classified as a third-world country. It lacks access to facilities that are commonplace in countries such as the United States. In Pakistan, the majority of the population lives on a shoestring budget. They are unable to access the internet. 

They are unable to reap the benefits of e-convenience. health’s However, e-health has made it easier for people to live healthier lives.

They can now obtain drugs online, have a better grasp of the illness they are suffering from, and find solutions to heal their ailments, among other things.

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