How To Get Circumcision Covered By Insurance?

What is circumcision?

The foreskin, a hood of skin, protects the penis head at birth. The foreskin is taken off during a circumcision surgery. Although it can also be done later in life, the surgery is typically carried out soon after the infant is born.

Although it is not necessary, many parents opt to have their male newborns circumcised. For cultural or religious reasons, some families elect circumcision. Others might do this in order to potentially enhance their health, such as reduce their child’s risk of developing urinary tract infections as they age.

A surgical treatment known as circumcision can be done on infant boys, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Additionally, the majority of insurance providers in India pay for circumcision procedure when it is necessary for medical reasons. Not all insurance companies will pay for circumcision if it is done as a religious ritual or for cosmetic reasons.

According to one of the WHO polls, nearly 30% of adult males worldwide have had their genitalia cut. Muslims make up almost two-thirds of those guys. 13.5% of all guys in India alone get their circumcisions.

If circumcision is advised to treat foreskin and penile issues such as phimosis, paraphimosis, balanoposthitis, and balanitis, the surgeon or physician must document the treatment as being medically necessary for the patient. If not, some private insurance providers might decline to pay for circumcision surgery.

Review all of the terms and conditions before deciding to purchase an insurance policy. And resolve all of your questions.

A few corporate insurance providers may offer cashless insurance coverage for circumcision surgery. Nevertheless, some private insurance providers can view circumcision as cosmetic or aesthetic surgery and refuse to pay for it.

If you are an employee, your employer might offer you health insurance to cover the majority of medical procedures. Check with your employer to see if the insurance they give will cover your circumcision procedure or not.

All couples planning to have children are advised to talk to their doctors about circumcision surgery’s advantages, disadvantages, difficulties, and long-term repercussions. Because doing so might aid in their decision to have their child circumcised. When compared to the cost of circumcision later in life, you might spend less money on your son’s early circumcision.

Additionally, one study found that non-medical circumcision is more expensive than circumcision done by a doctor and may raise the risk of infection.

It is ideal for young males under the age of fourteen to have their circumcision performed by a licensed pediatrician. A licensed urologist can perform circumcision surgery on patients who are older than 14 years old. Additionally, if you or a loved one needs to have circumcised in India (males: newborn baby boy, teenager, adult, senior), ensure sure the hospital is accredited by the NABH [National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Health Care Providers].

because NABH is India’s highest-ranking national body for the accreditation of healthcare practitioners.

Circumcision in Adults

The surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the penile tip is known as circumcision. However, some individuals elect to have the surgery for religious, cultural, cosmetic, personal hygiene, or medical reasons. It is most frequently carried out on infants.

Insurance may pay for circumcision if it will solve a medical issue, such as difficulties retracting the foreskin. The procedure is regarded as elective when there isn’t a medical issue. Although every plan is different, the majority of insurance does not cover the expense of elective adult circumcision.

Examination and Treatment

Although circumcision in adults is more difficult than in infants, it is still considered a minor surgical procedure.

While the patient is under general anesthesia, the treatment is carried out in an outpatient surgical center (completely asleep). The day after the procedure, the man will leave the surgical facility. After a week, most men go back to work, and after 4-6 weeks, when the wound has totally healed, they resume having intercourse.

Does adult circumcision qualify for insurance coverage?

Health insurance often does not pay for circumcision unless you have a medical condition that could be resolved by it, however, every policy is different.

To find out if an elective adult circumcision is a covered benefit, call the 800 number on your insurance card or contact our insurance and billing department. Our insurance specialists will assist you in comprehending the advantages of your policy.

Without health insurance, how much does it cost to have an adult circumcised?

The urologist’s and surgeon’s charge at Urology San Antonio is $625 for those whose insurance does not cover an adult circumcision. You will receive separate invoices from the surgical center and anesthesiologist for their services, bringing the overall cost of the procedure close to $3,200.

(This data was most recently updated in November 2014. For the most recent pricing details, get in touch with our insurance and invoicing department.)

How soon after an adult circumcision can I get back to my regular activities?

You should lie down and rest for the first 48 hours following the surgery. After a week, most men go back to work, and after four to six weeks, when the wound has totally healed, they resume having intercourse.

How long does circumcision recovery take?

The eight to ten days following circumcision are spent recovering. The penis could appear enlarged and red while it heals. At the tip, you could notice a yellow coating.

How should I care for my baby’s penis now that it has been circumcised?

How to take care of the circumcised penis will be explained by your healthcare expert. You’ll require:

  • When changing a baby’s diaper, use Vaseline.
  • Use the pain relief your doctor advises, such as frequent nursing or baby medicines.
  • As the area heals, carefully wash it.
  • Call your doctor if you have any problems or notice that the penis isn’t mending properly.

Does male circumcision impair sexual pleasure or fertility?

Contraception is unaffected by circumcision (the ability to produce a biological child). And according to researchers, it neither hurts nor improves sexual pleasure.


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