New Year Wishes to Share for 2022!

As each year draws to a conclusion, it feels as if the entire planet is given a new start. Fresh Year’s Eve and the days leading up to it are full of anticipation and new possibilities.

After all, not only does the calendar year change, but many of us set personal development objectives as well. Are you ready to show your support for those around you? Here are 50 New Year’s greetings for 2022!

While most New Year’s Eve festivities include champagne, the historic countdown and Times Square ball drop, glamour and glitter, and discussions about impending resolutions, the most important element of ringing in the new year is enjoying the people you love.

There are specific Happy New Year greetings for everyone, whether it’s the group you’ll be ringing in the new year with, the coworkers you see on a daily basis, the relatives who’ve been by your side since birth, the friends who are just a quick FaceTime away, or the significant other in your life.

We offer romantic New Year wishes, amusing New Year wishes, and New Year wishes for loved ones—we have it all. So, let’s prepare to welcome 2022 with these beautiful and sparkling sentiments, and raise a glass to you and yours!

Happy New Year 2022 Wishes

1. Happy New Year! 2022 is absolutely the year for you!

2. From resolutions to bucket lists, I hope you check them all off this year!

3. A new year is filled with possibilities, so dream big and believe in yourself this year!

4. Happy New Year! Remember, no matter what the year brings, you are loved and you are strong.

5. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to in 2022.

6. Pop, fizz, clink—let’s toast to the future and pour another drink! Happy New Year!

7. Here’s to a sparkling new year!

8. May this coming year bless you with love, peace, and empowerment.

9. Wishing you and all of your loved one’s health and happiness in the new year.

Funny Happy New Year Wishes:

10. Happy 2022, so glad we’re able to spend time together after a whole year!

11. I don’t know about you, but this year, I’m feeling ‘22!

12. Try to relax in the new year…and don’t think about all of the resolutions you’re supposed to be starting!

13. Happy New Year! Another year of mistakenly thinking it’s still 2020.

14. Gather up your kitchen appliances—we’re getting ready to toast! Happy New Year!

New Year Wishes for Family

15. They say blood is thicker than water, but champagne’s stronger than both—let’s drink and celebrate the new year!

16. At the start of each new year, I can’t help but reflect on where I’ve been and who’s been beside me all along. Here’s to you!

17. Happy New Year! Let’s see how many more ‘90s styles we’ll bring back from our old family albums!

18. Every year that passes is a part of our family’s legacy, and I’m so grateful to grow up together.

19. Here’s to another year of untangling weird family dynamics in therapy.

20. No matter where this year takes us, we’ll always feel at home when we’re with family.

New Year Wishes for Friends

21. The saying goes, “New year, new you,” but you’re perfect just the way you are, and this year will be, too!

22. There’s no group I’d rather “cheers” with while celebrating this new beginning. Happy New Year!

23. No matter the distance between us, I’ll be constantly cheering you on all year!

24. Like your favorite accessory, I’ll be by your side wherever 2022 takes us.

25. We’ve had some wild rides so far, but this year will take the cake!

26. Here’s to another year of friendship filled with FaceTimes, forgiveness, fun, and fabulousness!

27. Let’s see what kind of shenanigans we can get ourselves into in the next 12 months!

28. Happy New Year! Thanks for bringing plenty of sparkle into my life.

29. All that glitters is gold, and this group sure is golden. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Wishes for Coworkers

30. I’m so glad my work family includes you—happy 2022!

31. Happy 2022! Please don’t make a resolution of quitting this year.

32. Have you gotten the memo? This year is going to be the best one yet!

33. Here’s to another year of asking if that meeting was actually necessary.

34. I’m so proud of all that we’ve accomplished together, and can’t wait to continue our success into the new year!

35. Happy 2022—may you feel completely fulfilled throughout the new year!

36. I couldn’t have survived the last year without you, and I’m so happy to kick off 2022 together as well—Happy New Year!

37. Happy New Year! There’s no team I’d rather be a part of.

Romantic New Year Wishes

38. There’s no one I’d rather be cleaning up bottles with on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!

39. The years come and go, but our love will last forever. Happy 2022!

40. It’s an honor to be “your person,” and I’ll be right next to you through it all this year.

41. Our love is constant and steadfast—I can’t wait to see where it takes us in 2022.

42. Here’s to you and me—happy New Year!

43. 2022 is going to be my favorite year since I get to be with my favorite person!

44. Every resolution I make this year, I’ll want to do with you. Happy New Year!

45. This year is going to be the greatest one yet because we have each other.

46. The only yearly tradition I care about is being next to you.

47. Here comes the jackpot question in advance—what are you doing on New Year’s Eve…and every day that follows?

48. Happy New Year—I’ll stay up with you, I’ll count down with you, I’ll go anywhere with you!

49. These are the moments and memories we’ll never forget. Happy New Year!

50. Roses are red, violets are blue, let’s kiss at midnight to reign in 2022!

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