Does Planet Fitness have Showers, Towels & Lockers?

Yes, showers are available in Planet Fitness. Dusche and locker rooms are all on our premises. The lockers, towels, and toiletries for the showers must be brought to you. Glenn, most of the shower clubs! If you have further questions, we recommend that you reach your local club or stop for a free tour!

Does Planet Fitness have Showers, Towels & Lockers?
Does Planet Fitness have Showers, Towels, and lockers?

What is Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness is an American fitness club chain for people who want to practice without discomfort and judgment in a fitness center.

While most sports facilities target bodybuilders or those who want to strengthen themselves, world health started with the search to target the rest of the population.

The founders of the gym wanted more people to be active by creating a low-price, dedication-free fitness center and aiming to be free from judgment.

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Does Planet Fitness have showers?

It looks as if the new locations are bigger and the locker rooms are… superb. At Planet Fitness, now I do take showers. lol. lol.

I am sorry for those who work there, members seem to think that their mother’s lockers are clean and so come and go.

The locker rooms of Planet Fitness look… like… a locker room, purple only. Nothing special about it, nothing special about it. It smells at times, it’s a locker room just in the male locker room. The bathroom is the first thing you see, sweat, everything is the norm (in the ones I have been in).

I saw the cleaning guard, so I know that they’re doing it. I’ve seen an old man cleaning one outlet, but he’s not been worth it to clean it when I went to the bathroom.

When I’m using the bathroom, I never touch the grips or the locks, but, this should be the no in any bathroom. When you ask if their bathrooms are clean and plump, something unique.

Do you really think you want to clean out lockers and bathrooms, people who do fitness work in them?

In one, or naked, I wouldn’t walk barefoot. Come in, go in dressing. Since I wrote this response, I moved to a new location, and so I changed my membership. There was a Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Showers

Planet Fitness Showers

Someone had left their underpants and shorts on top of the shower pole….

They were on the shower floor when I returned that night. They eventually end up in the trash, but the members are so disgusting. I applaud the people who tidy those areas. However, the locker rooms are far superior. In reality, the site where I used to go had moved to a larger structure, so the locker room was also improved.

After each workout, I shower. I’m glad the new facilities have been restructured. There are sixty or more full-height lockers with three hooks and a shelf at Planet Fitness where I usually go. To keep your belongings safe in a locker, you must bring your own lock. The floor is covered with benches. The shower is located in a separate room. One of the four showers is wheelchair accessible.

A small change stall is located across from each shower for privacy. There is also a television playing music videos. I’ve also visited a couple of other Planet Fitness gyms. There were half-height and full-height lockers available, and you could protect your belongings with your own lock. Private changing rooms are not available at all sites. They were all in good condition.

At Planet Fitness, the showers you find are the same as any other showers in other gyms. Some members say they’re quite wide-ranging than other gyms.

Planet Fitness has several shower rooms, and separate gender facilities, of course.

Dusch curtains are provided to keep the shower rooms private. The staff will also clean the showers. However, the right label for the shower should still be known. Also, make sure you leave nothing to throw your empty toiletries behind and be kind enough to do it with you.

Recall that Planet Fitness does not supply shower towels. Your own towel should be brought. However, if you forgot yours, some fitness industries have towels for sale.

Free toiletries are also not available. You should bring your own. You should bring your own.

To protect the privacy of some Planet Fitness rooms, stalls change across the showers. Not everyone has them but in the locker room, you can always change. Bear in mind that some people do not see somebody naked or naked when changing in the locker room.

How are the Planet Fitness Showers?

The fitness showers are a good option for those who are hurrying to enter the gym and for those who want to save gallons of water.

Also, after a practice or regular exercise, those who like a shower. Even if they don’t supply extra towels, the fitness of the planet goes beyond and beyond since its members have a strong experience.

Because a club complies with the rules of the shower and makes it a clean, welcoming place for showers.

It is best to minimize the exposure of your naked body and do not use your phone in the locker room.

The club has a locker and curtains to keep your stuff safe while you are in the shower. Many places are open 24 hours a day, have showers, and clean each night according to the staff.

Planet Fitness room with showers on the wide side. It’s like a tent to showers at home. Individuals face problems with privacy and items lost or stolen.

Does Planet Fitness have Showers and Lockers?

Planetary fitness is our current training and shower facility. You can buy a pass for about $10 a month to use a Planet Fitness gym. You will have to purchase a black card to use multiple Planet Fitness Sites. This card costs approximately $20 a month and requires a commitment of 1 year.

You get a free pass to bring a guest along with black card membership. This will allow you to get through with only one pass for you two if you travel with a partner. Be aware that you don’t have to work out if you just want to go and have a shower.

Global fitness in 49 countries has more than 1.400 locations. A map of all places can be viewed here. It is one of the most common fitness chains in the United States. Nevertheless, a few caveats have to be taken into account. Although your membership in the black card permits you to use multiple gyms, the contract states that you can use facilities only 10 times a month outside your home gym.

Somebody else left their shorts on top of the shower pole and underwear…

That night I returned and they were on the floor of a shower.

Planet Fitness Black Card Price

Members of the Planet Fitness Black Card get half-priced more relaxed drinks. If staying healthy and active is a priority for you, you owe it to yourself to enjoy your time at the gym. A Planet Fitness Black Card will vastly improve your training experience for only $22.99 each month!

The Planet Fitness Black Card membership is $19.99 per month. It also includes admission to all 700+ Planet Fitness clubs, as well as unrestricted usage of massage chairs, beds, whirlpools, complete body enhancement beds, tanning, 50 percent off all cool drinks, and the ability to bring a friend daily at no additional fee.


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  • Public Relations Director
  • 603-750-0001 x199

Can you take a shower at Planet Fitness?

However, while Planet Fitness facilities allow you to use their showers, they do not provide towels. So make sure you have your own. If you really want to save money, sign up for a free one-day introduction pass, which allows you to use the facilities after getting a tour.

What kind of showers does Planet Fitness have?

Every Planet Fitness gym includes shower stalls, but only a few locations sell bath towels, so if you plan to shower after your workout, bring a towel with you. I haven’t visited one of their locations, but my understanding is that they are simple. In other words, a basic gym with no-frills…

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Does planet fitness have towels for showers?

We personally have not experienced any problems over this limit and we have not read that there are more than 10 times a month anybody having problems in the gym. It should be noted, nevertheless; the owner of each facility is responsible for monitoring gym visits.

To secure your things in a locker, you must take your own lock. The floor is fitted with benches. The double bedroom is adjoining the shower area. Four showers are available, one of them accessible.

A little changing privacy stall across from each shower. A TV with music videos is also available. I was in a few other gyms on the Planet, too.

They end up in the waste finally, but the members are so disgusting. I highly commend the cleaning staff. The cupboards are far better, however. Indeed, they moved to a larger building the place I used to be there so that the locker was better also.

They had a mix of half and full-height lockers, but you can secure your items with your own lock. Not every place has private stalls that change. Everyone was quite clean.

After every training, I take showers. I’m glad the new facilities have been restructured. I usually go to Planet Fitness, where there are 60, or more lockers of full height, with three hooks and a shelf.

Dress code for Planet Fitness

Invest in proper sets of fitness equipment, including sports shirts, shorts, sweaters, and horsemen. Denim – Never wear denim in the fitness center! … You must go to the gym with shoes for training: gym shoes, running shoes, cross trainers, and even basketball shoes. Never heavy boots or sandals!

A representative from Planet Fitness came to clarify the dress code for the gym. “All the gyms are obligated with signs on the wall indicating the policy,” the representative wrote in an e-mail that says, “It’s not allowed to have jeans, boots, sandals or tank string (male muscle t-shirts).

We offer no childcare services to keep our membership costs comfortably low. And we ask them to not come to the facility for the safety of children below 13 years of age. We try to keep our clubs open to all schedules as long as possible. Check their hours with your local club. How is the code of the dress?

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We’re all for people who speak, but ask you not to wear clothing that you think is intimidating, revealing, or offensive. Clothes that might present safety hazards or damaged equipment are also not allowed. Clothing examples that are not permitted include:

  1. Open-toed shoes or sandals
  2. Mud-caked, greasy, or soiled shoes or clothing
  3. Jeans or pants with prominent grommets
  4. Clothing with messaging that a reasonable person may find offensive or otherwise inappropriate

Don’t wear tight or cropped tops when you have a good body. An e-mail saying you could not wear jeans, boots, sandals, and tank tops at PLANET FITNESS. PLANET FITNESS is not available.

No mortality, T-rows, overhead presses, or clean and jerks are included in this. No supranational. Oh, and no. You cannot also use chalk, slam weights, and a grunt to bring your own gym equipment.

Does planet fitness have Showers and Towels?

Dusche and locker rooms are all on our premises. The lockers, towels, and toiletries for the showers must be brought to you. Glenn, most of the shower clubs!

Planet Fitness has no towels to borrow from any of its gymnasium locations during the workout. But you can buy towels in some Planet Fitness gyms; access to the towels varies by place, representatives from several Planet Fitness centers throughout the United States said.

Showers at planet fitness

Although every planet fitness room has a douche in their locker rooms, if you plan to use the showers at Planet Fitness, you will most probably be able to bring your own bath towel with you.

Does planet fitness provide towels?

No fitness towels on Planet are available. Some Planet Fitness sites offer for sale towels, but you will have to check availability and pricing in your nearest place. It has a shower in every fitness center but only a few places offer the possibility to buy towels so if you plan on showering after your training, it is best to bring a towel with you.

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Planet Fitness showers tend to be on the wide side compared to other fitness centers and the most domestic showers. They have privacy curtains, and if you’re worried about them when you shower, you can always keep your items in a locker.

Planet fitness towels

Towel prices vary from $5 to $10 per towel available for sale. Although there are shower stands in all Planet Fitness gyms, if you plan to use the Planet Fitness showers, you will most likely need to have your own bath towel. We only sold small, workout towels and no bath towels to most places we contacted.

  • I wasn’t in one of their facilities, but I feel it’s no-frills.
  • That is, no towels, no extra, no hairdryer, your basic gym.
  • Without being part of a top-notch, more expensive fitness center, most showers are equipped with saving water.
  • In terms of classes, cheaper gyms only tend to offer equipment.
  • Friends, Your best bet is to check the facility in your vicinity.
  • You want to be near where you live or work, so your chances to go are higher. On your fitness trip, I wish you all the best.

Does Planet Fitness have its own private showers & lockers

No, the men have a big locker room and the women have a big locker room and short lockers. You have to bring your own lock, empty the locker and remove your lock before you leave.

Cutting and removing any locks left after closing. I joined Planet Fitness recently. Their locker room policies are strict so your own locker is not available to you.

Store your clothes and fitness equipment with locks. When personal property is left overnight in a locker, the lock is removed and property is considered lost. Don’t un-attend your personal belongings.

They sell lockers for $5 per locker (1 year ago). Personal lockers and goods:

  • Store your clothes and fitness equipment in lockers.
  • You must have your own cupboard.
  • We are not obliged to use the locker to ensure that your property is not stolen or damaged.
  • Management reserves the right to open a locker if reasonable reasons exist for the use of a locker to store anything
  • When personal property is left overnight in a locker, the lock is removed and the property is kept as lost property.
  • Don’t unattend your personal belongings.
  • We do not accept responsibility for loss or theft or loss or damage, whether locked in lockers or otherwise, to members and their guests’ personal belongings.
  • It is your responsibility to check if the loss of personal effects is covered by your personal insurance.

Planet fitness locker room

Planet fitness locker room

There are separate changing rooms for men and women at Planet Fitness. The number of lockers available for use varies depending on whatever Planet Fitness gym you visit. However, the policy of using your own lock remains in effect.

There are full-height lockers and half-height lockers among the lockers. They can be broken even if you bring your own lock. Your things should be safe but proceed with caution.

Planet Fitness is not responsible for anything left in lockers that is lost. Simply put your clothing and gym equipment there to be sure.

Although Planet Fitness has locker rooms, you cannot have your own permanent locker. Only use the lockers while you are present. When you leave, you must remove the locks and empty the locker. After the gym shuts down, all of the locks will be cut and removed. The contents will be filed under miscellaneous.

Also, keep in mind that the supervisor has the authority to open the lockers if they suspect you of storing items other than clothes and gym equipment in them.

What Makes for Good Locker Room Etiquette?

If you’ve ever shared a room with someone, you know how difficult it can be to manage shared rooms. Who is the first to use the restroom in the morning? Should I (once again) make extra coffee for my roommate’s boyfriend? And then there’s the age-old question: Whose filthy dishes are these in the sink!?

With this in mind, you’re undoubtedly aware that the majority of the discomfort and/or tension may be simply addressed by establishing a few simple ground rules (and adhering to them).

The same is true in the locker room. The gym locker room is a social atmosphere as well as a place to refresh yourself after a workout. And there are implicit (or sometimes spoken/written) norms of conduct in every social context.

If you’re new to the fitness world, entering a gym locker room for the first time can be scary. You might not be sure what’s appropriate and what’s not: Is it strange to engage in small talk? When it comes to showering, how long is too long?

Read the official gym and locker room policies when you arrive (usually listed on a sign somewhere, or ask the front desk staff for a copy).

You may alleviate any workout-newbie fear, get the most out of your gym experience, and avoid embarrassing situations by familiarizing yourself with a few easy principles of locker room etiquette that may not be posted.

Get in, get out and, Nobody Gets Hurt

Let’s get this out of the way right now: The nakedness is arguably the most potentially uncomfortable aspect of locker rooms. (Not that being naked is inherently awkward, but we all have varying levels of comfort in the presence of naked strangers.)

Get in, get out, and no one gets hurt is the basic rule of thumb. When changing into or out of exercise gear, temporary nakedness is expected. “Just remember that this is a public environment, not your private naked playground,” Tiffany Yannetta writes on Racked.

Keep it to a bare minimum and avoid talking when somebody is entirely naked. It’s not forbidden, but anything more than a quick “Hi” or “Bye” might quickly escalate into a highly uncomfortable situation. Many Planet Fitness locations include private changing spaces for your comfort and convenience if you prefer not to change in front of others.

Be Wary of Others’ Personal Space

Another crucial aspect of locker room etiquette is being cognizant of your personal space. It’s a big no-no to spread your personal items all around the locker room as you own it. Instead, store your belongings in a locker and only bring what you need to the gym. Remember to place your dirty towels in the correct bin!

It’s courteous to restrict your shower time to a minimum if there aren’t many showers available in the locker room. Rinse, wash, and go. You can shave when you get home.

Wait to Spray Outside

Keep your sprays to yourself as well: While your perfumes and body sprays may smell wonderful to you, they can bother those around you, especially in such a small environment. Wait until you’re outside before you do anything.

It’s very straightforward when it comes to locker room etiquette: do what you need to do, but keep others in mind.

Here is a quick paraphrase of Planet Fitness locker room policy

  • Store your personal items with lockers.
  • You have your own padlock to bring.
  • Even if your stuff is locked, your property can be thieved or damaged.
  • If you use your locker to store other things than your clothes or fitness gear, a supervisor has a right to open the locker.
  • You can cut your lock if you leave your belongings overnight in a locker and keep your belongings as lost property.
  • Watch your things forever.
  • Planet fitness won’t pay for your stuff when your stuff is stolen or damaged.
  • You are responsible for ensuring your personal belongings.

Nevertheless, do not allow the police of the locker to stop you from joining Planet Fitness. The membership is $10 a month for Planet Fitness. It’s valuable!

When will Planet Fitness be the best time to go (to avoid many people)?

Answer: Whenever you want.

The business model of Planet Fitness is designed to sell memberships to people who do not really go to the facility.

The objective is to never or rarely present 70 percent of paying members. You don’t want Planet Fitness as a member if you go to the sports center. It’s up to the day. Right now, because of these new year resolutions, everything should be quite busy.

However, if you want to know a certain time on a particular day. If you go to Google and type in fitness time for a planet, you will get a list of the fewest times for most people. Planet Fitness is normally involved between 4 pm and 7:30 pm like most companies.

This comes from the official Planet Fitness package that members should get when registering. You can also check for specific Planet Fitness sites and their busy times in Google! In the middle of the day (10-2 pm).

The worst season of the week is after 5 pm and weekends/holidays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

What is Planet Fitness “lunk alarm“?

I saw a lot of videos to check it out by Bodybuilders. It seems like an alarm sounds when a person lifts too much noise.

Things like grunting and banging weights. The thing is, if you have ever killed heavyweight, there will inevitably be some noise. A lot of squatting evokes grunts too.

This alarm appears to be linked to the culture of fitness on the planet as summed up as follows:

You are ok, but without the intimidating presence of carpenters, if you wish to be fitter, then we’re here for you. You don’t have to feel inadequate with people who are driven hard to improve physically.

But, in any gym you attend the idea of judging newcomers or anything, you don’t even support.

Most people go for lifting only.

Planet fitness feeds on your insecurities in a certain sense. They create an environment that is more comfortable for those who don’t want to be as comfortable as other gym fitness professionals.

All of this sounds pretty tough, but is there any other reason why alarms would push their limits against anyone?

Miss uses equipment when a person drops weight and lets him slam or lunk down to the floor. They also assess people’s clothes in the fitness center. Linking alarm sounds, and the heck of the person they do not think fits is embarrassing.

PF is good for walkers, whose leg machines and pulling or stepping machines are good starter machines, but if you need to step up your workouts, you will go to another place. PF is good for hiking.

I was a 5-year-old member. But I only use PF to keep up with the hot or cold on the treadmills.
They suck their sanitary equipment. Instead of a good germ-killing antibacterial disinfectant, our PF uses hand sanitizer.

Flu season: the dilute hand sanitizer is still used I’m taking my wipes of my own. They don’t care for my health! But a good place to stay away from the weather.

What is Planet Fitness’ dress code?

It isn’t as rigorous as some people seem to think. Yes, people’s news was shamed, but that was the fault of the staff that the dress code wasn’t insane.

The only thing the code states is that there are no work boots and tanks that would expose jugs and then no gallon jugs of water, of course.

More than people care about their own business, I wouldn’t dare embarrass them or me by producing a scene where they should leave or change. They have to leave.

It’s no jeans, no do-rags, no bands, no boots, no sandals, no crop-shoes, no shorts, no tanks of strings, no gruntings, drop-weights. So far as I see it, there are no jeans.

No fitness logos competing. It’s allegedly very cheap to join and there are no machines to wait for.

From those three, the only time I’d ever say anything to anybody is to place their gallon juices into a locker (if it spills, it’s creating a slipping risk).

What provides Planet Fitness for its customers?

Overall, the Planet Fitness Showers are an excellent option for people in hurried times, who want to save water at home, or who enjoy the convenience of everything.

Although many extras such as towels may not be provided, Planet Fitness continues to go beyond and ensure its members have a good experience. You do so by applying the rules of showers and making sure the showers are a smooth and friendly place.

Planet Fitness showers tend to even be on the wide side as opposed to other fitness centers and the most domestic showers. They have privacy curtains, and if you’re worried about them when you shower, you always can keep your items in a locker.

Above all, staff members say that all showers are still cleaned every night, despite many places being open 24 hours a day! What more do you need when it comes to a shower training facility?

What are the planet fitness shower rules?

While there is no information about the exact rule of showering available on the official website of planet fitness. There are signs that tell people the right etiquette for showers before showers.

Everyone can see these signs with common sense and understand them. You have to respect the person who showers his or her property.

When you get out of the shower and learn that certain items are missing.

They should be helpful as possible to contact the planet fitness personnel. The company is not responsible for items lost or stolen.

Can you still shower at Planet Fitness?

Yes, in the planet fitness center you can shower. The employees say the majority of the places are 24 hours a day and have a shower room.

But after a shower, they’re not providing towels so that they bring you towels — the shower tent is a wide space than another gym. The best thing is that they have a private and fitness locker specific for articles.

The club has showers, most people don’t know. They have signs in the shower area that shower rules. Also, just ask any member of the staff if you don’t understand the rules.

You should contact the club counter if you lost anything during showering. As much as possible, staff will help you.

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