Unlimited Facebook for Ufone Customers – Best Day Offer

Ufone Packages

Customers are not constrained, as they can make unrestricted video or voice calls to their family members all day long. No matter where the town is or how far away, people can be contacted by 500MB of Facebook volume, allowing everyone the right to enjoy Facebook by surfing, texting and Facebook messenger calls. The Facebook volume contains the most relevant information.

Pakistani Telecom Company Ufone has always strived towards facilitating its customers by providing reasonable internet packages with comfort. Ufone’s best daily deal allows customers to enjoy 500 MB Facebook and 500 U-U and U-PTCL minutes in only Rs. 11.99, allowing them the right to call or talk anytime they want to or for as long as they desire.

At present Ufone customers can find comfort by almost linking with their families when the world remains unpredictable and social distance is the new standard. Ufone has always been committed to its consumers and strives to deliver packages and services that simplify their lives. Their slogan ‘Tum He Tou Ho’ was a key concept for the company.

Ufone gives priority to its customers’ needs, as well as the best day offering, which guarantees no hidden charges and still offers them comfort.

Ufone has proven itself time after time after time again as a leading telecommunications business that offers quality services as well as fulfilling the customers’ every needs.

Customers can chat without interruption on Facebook and on messenger as long as they want. This offer really reflects his slogan “Poora Din Dil Khol Ke Aur Calls Hallo Facebook.”

Customers will also continue making voice calls to all PTCL numbers in the country and not just any phone number. This deal can be made available by calling *6060# for prepaid customers.

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