Best Calorie Counter Watches

Calorie counter watches are flying off the shelves in the burgeoning wearable electronics sector. Thanks to exciting technological advancements, athletes and weekend warriors can now learn their actual activity levels, become motivated, and make more progress toward their fitness or weight-loss objectives.

What Are Calories?

A calorie is simply a unit of measurement, a unit of energy, to be precise. In general, you can define a calorie as the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one liter of water by one degree celsius. It is not the same as the calories in the food you consume.

These ones are referred to as small calories or kilocalories (kcal). Calories measure energy. There are calories in all the food we consume, and they help our body parts to perform their various functions.

How Do Smartwatches Keep Track Of Calories?

Once you have your smartwatch, you’ll need to create an account for it. Next, you’ll be asked to fill in some necessary information such as your height, usual activity level, weight, sex, and age. The data collected by the smartwatch company are used to calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

Every activity that occurs in your body depends on energy. Even the ordinary things you do to survive, such as breathing, digestion, and even blinking, will consume calories. Therefore, even when you think you’re seated doing nothing, your body is still burning calories.

The number of calories your body can burn depends on your body’s details that you input into your account. The most common example is that bigger people tend to have a higher BMR than smaller ones. Also, men’s BMR is higher than that of women too.

Your smartwatch takes your details and uses them to calculate the amount of energy you use when engaging in a daily activity; it’s also known as energy expenditure. Smartwatches primarily rely on third-party apps for calorie counting.

Whether you’re an avid exerciser, a competitive goal-setter, or simply a health-minded individual, a fitness tracker can be a great investment. Fitness trackers can offer a fun way to set goals and measure your progress toward them.

They can also help you keep track of everything you’re doing inside and outside the gym. Took a walk around the block during your lunch break? That’ll count toward your step goal—even if you didn’t do it for the exercise. 

Of course, many fitness trackers don’t simply monitor the exercise. So using a fitness tracker can be a great way to keep tabs on your holistic health, too. Many will help you track your heart rate, your sleep quality, and your stress levels.

And some will even invite you to log how hydrated you are. Options are abundant, so no matter what your health and fitness goals are, you’re bound to find a fitness tracker that helps you accomplish them.

Here are some of the finest calorie counter watch products for active-lifestyle customers in 2015:

1. FitBit Flex

The Fitbit Flex is Amazon’s best-selling calorie counter watch. It’s a classic calorie counter that’s popular with people who want to lose weight in a more systematic way.

It delivers a personalized estimate of calories burnt based on personal characteristics such as gender and weight, in addition to your live data.

The Fitbit Flex has some appealing features, such as sleep tracking and goal tracking, but nothing too special.

Fitbit has a reputation for standing behind its product in addition to developing a superb calorie counter watch. The Flex watch is a great option for anyone who is fresh to the realm of wearable fitness tracking.

2. Polar RS300X Running Heart Rate Monitor and Computer

If you want a calorie burn watch with all of the core rate and timing measuring functions, a Polar ticker like the RS300X is a good choice. Few other gadgets are as well-balanced in terms of functionality and use.

With Olympic precision, the Polar RS300X monitors heart rate, speed, and distance. Your most recent 16 practice sessions are saved for easy tracking of your progress.

You can also create “personal sport zones” to help you maintain a consistent level of activity at the right intensity. The RS300X is a good mid-market option for many runners because it is neither too pricey nor too cheap.

3. Garmin vívofit 2

Garmin, a well-known GPS manufacturer, created the profit 2. The profit, as expected, makes use of GPS technology. The technology allows you to track distance, calories, or time, depending on your preferences. Personal goals gradually increase in difficulty to keep you challenged.

The profit has an audible alarm that reminds you to get off your bum and move as needed for inspiration. This feature is beneficial for those who work at a desk and need a gentle reminder to stretch or walk around every now and then.

The profit calorie burn watch has a longer battery life than practically every other calorie burn watch on the market. It’s a step up from standard calorie-burning wristwatches.

4. Nike+ FuelBand SE

Do you like Nike? The FuelBand SE from Nike won’t let you down, featuring an iconic Nike esthetic and a desirable amount of functionality at a reasonable price. The Fuelband calculates your calorie burn rate based on your pace, distance, and laps.

The device’s data is partially monitored in “NikeFuel,” a tracking unit that, according to its creators, is “a universal means to quantify movement for all sorts of activities.”

No one knows what goes into a NikeFuel calculation, so we have to trust Nike on the accuracy of the data they produce. Buyers appear to be delighted on the whole. The Nike+ FuelBand is a good choice for active people looking for something nice but not too nice.

5. Misfit Shine

The simple Misfit Shine, designed for the upper crust, isn’t as deviant as its name suggests. The Shine, which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, includes a variety of tracking features that work together to give you a more complete view of your health, including a unique “daily photo food journal” that connects your diet and exercise goals.

Misfit keeps goal evaluation simple by encircling the watch face with a beautiful halo of LED penlights that light up to the extent that you have met your daily activity goal: “inspiration at a glance.”

The Shine comes in a variety of stunning colors, including the luxurious “wine” and the deep blue “storm.” It has a battery that lasts at least six months, which is far longer than most.

It’s a premium pick for those who want a well-balanced calorie counting watch that does all the right things and does them well.

6. Timex Men’s Ironman Road Trainer

The Timex Ironman Road Trainer can assist you in determining the ideal calorie consumption level. The Ironman allows you to track your recovery and peak heart rate, as well as the number of calories burned during your workout.

A countdown timer and not one, but two daily alarms with auto-backup are also included. Oh, and it also tells the time.

Many calorie counters are inaccurate, but this one isn’t. In order to improve precision, the watch has been designed to avoid “cross-talk” and other potential sources of electronic interference in the environment. The Ironman is a fitness tracker’s Swiss Army Knife.

7. Jawbone UP24

based in San Francisco. Jawbone is a pioneer in the field of wearable fitness devices. The company’s secret sauce is the “UP” technology, which is based on a set of complicated sensors that collect data about your everyday actions and utilize them to drive real-world progress, as shown in the thin UP24 watch.

Your UP24 device includes a “Smart Coach” whose primary goal is to encourage you to make at least one healthy choice every day.

The Jawbone tracker is slim and unobtrusive in appearance. The Jawbone is excellent value for money, with real-time data synchronization, deep and light sleep measures, idle alarms, and compatibility with a wide range of third-party apps.

8. Basis Peak

This is one of the most expensive trackers on our list, but it may also be the most accurate calorie monitor. The Basis Peak health tracker is a cutting-edge wristband that does a lot more than just monitor calories, as you might expect.

The Basis comes with a cutting-edge heart rate monitor that can be used without a chest strap. It identifies various activities like walking, jogging, and riding automatically. Customized “habit” assessments and automatic sleep quality scoring are also available.

The completely automated Basis can provide you with the detailed analysis you require to thoroughly quantify and optimize your activity levels. For the most dedicated exercise freaks, the expense may be justified.

9. X-Doria KidFit

This one is aimed at children. Young people who develop good behaviors early in life are more likely to live longer and be healthier. The X-Doria KidFit program can assist you.

This calorie counting watch for kids ages 5 to 13 is a slap-on, wireless activity and sleep tracker that allows kids to establish their own goals and have fun working toward them.

With USB and smartphone compatibility, X-Doria provides a valuable service to parents and children by bringing this low-cost calorie counter to market.

10. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is so much more than a heart rate monitor. It also functions as a calorie tracker, and GymLink technology allows you to connect it to compatible gym equipment.

A heart-rate chest strap made of soft, pleasant cloth that fits the curve of your body is another feature. The monitor is water-resistant and has a battery that can be replaced.

With over 5,000 reviews on as of the time of this publication, this is one of the most popular calorie counters you’ll find! It’s reasonably priced, has stood the test of time, and provides exceptional value.

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