How To Cancel Apple Insurance?

What is AppleCare?

AppleCare is a security package that offers additional coverage and technical help for your Apple products.

It includes both software support and hardware replacements and repairs. Accidental damage coverage is also included in AppleCare+.

For one year of coverage, it costs $129, and for three years, it costs $239. For the duration of the plan, phone assistance, software updates, and up to two incidences of accidental damage coverage are all included in the plan.

You’ll be glad to know that you can cancel your AppleCare Plus Plan and get a partial (or full) refund if you already have one and you suddenly regret your decision to buy it or if you want to sell your device.

It’s surprisingly difficult to terminate AppleCare. I spent several hours browsing forums and the Apple website before deciding to call Customer Support to seek answers straight from the source. Here is what I discovered.

There are four ways to terminate AppleCare as follows:

  • Dial (800) MY-APPLE for support from Apple (800–692–7753)
  • Send notification to AppleCare Administration through fax or postal mail.
  • Reject from the App Store
  • With the iTunes or Music app, cancel
  • However, using the iPhone is the quickest way to terminate AppleCare. To access your Apple ID, navigate to Settings and press on your name. Then click Subscriptions, navigate to AppleCare+, and click the Cancel Plan button.

Reasons to terminate AppleCare

A user can desire to end their AppleCare subscription for a number of reasons.

You no longer have an Apple device that is protected by the plan could be one of the causes.

Another explanation might be that you believe you no longer require AppleCare’s protection or that you can find protection of a comparable caliber elsewhere.

Finally, you can only believe that AppleCare is no longer worthwhile.

Below, we’ll go over each potential choice in more detail.

How to Cancel Apple Care?

You should be aware that there are various plans referred to as AppleCare before canceling one of them. Therefore, you must first identify which one you have.

Apple offers three different types of warranties.

The first is a limited warranty, which typically covers accidents but only for a year. Its name is simply AppleCare.

Every Apple product has this standard manufacturer warranty, which covers manufacturing flaws. You won’t pay anything for it, and there’s no reason or method to stop it.

The AppleCare Protection Plan comes in second. Essentially, it extends the same guarantee as before for an additional two to three years (depending on the device type). Before AppleCare+, this was the first extended warranty; it is no longer available in the US. It might still be accessible in other nations, though.

AppleCare Plus or AppleCare+ is the ultimate option. This Plan is typically what people refer to when they mention AppleCare because it is more expensive and offers greater coverage than the limited warranty. Every time I refer to AppleCare in this article, I’m assuming AppleCare Plus.

Changing your Apple ID’s settings will allow you to terminate AppleCare:

  1. On your device, launch the App Store and log in using your Apple ID.
  2. At the bottom of the App Store screen, tap the Account tab.
  3. Locate the View AppleCare Agreement button at the bottom of the page by scrolling down.
  4. Click the icon labeled Cancel AppleCare Agreement.
  5. Press the confirm button to revoke your AppleCare subscription.

To cancel AppleCare, contact Apple.

You will first need to gather some information before you can cancel AppleCare over the phone. Your Apple ID’s linked phone number, email address, and name are all required. Additionally, you will want the AppleCare device’s serial number. The original purchase date and proof of purchase are also required for AppleCare.

Be certain to have all of your information prepared before speaking with the customer care person.

To confirm your identification and the ownership of the device, the representative could ask you a few questions.

They should be able to handle your cancellation request and issue a refund for any necessary expenses once they have verified your identity.

Send an email to AppleCare

You must speak with Apple directly if you want to cancel your AppleCare plan. You can do this by phoning customer support or sending an email.

Include your entire name, address, and phone number in your emails so that they can contact you to confirm your identity.

In order for them to verify that you have a valid AppleCare plan, you will also need to provide them with the serial number of your device.

Explain your decision to terminate the plan in the email, and if necessary, ask for a refund.

You will get a confirmation email once Apple has processed your cancellation request informing you that it has been successful.


Apple claims that because they created both the hardware and the softw are, they have the finest understanding of what’s going on inside. As a result, they are able to offer the greatest one-stop shop for technical assistance, with the majority of problems being resolved “in a single call.”

And although that’s all well and good, there are occasions when it simply doesn’t make financial sense given your individual habits, level of technological proficiency, and use case. I wish you luck in successfully terminating AppleCare and receiving a refund.

Are AppleCare’s Alternatives Available?

You can look into the warranty options provided by the retailer where you purchased your Apple product. Additionally, you might wish to review your homeowner’s insurance policy or contact any nearby insurance providers who offer coverage for computers, tablets, etc.

How to Check AppleCare Plan Time Left?

Visit this page, enter the Captcha code, and your device serial number (located under “About This Mac” in the Menu Bar), and then click “Continue.” You can learn more about the status of your device’s warranty here. The ‘Support’ tab under ‘About this Mac’ in the Menu Bar also contains this information.


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