Qualities of Wildly Successful People

Do you want to be prosperous? You can be successful if you think like the most successful individuals and follow their behaviors.

Successful or Unsuccessful?

I have been studying successful people most of my life and have found the differences between them and the people who accomplish less worth noting — and they’re not what you might expect

Successful people talk, think, and approach situations, challenges, and problems differently than most people. And the only way to be successful is to take the same actions that successful people take.

Success is no different than any other skill. Duplicate the actions and mindsets of successful people, and you will create success for yourself.

1. They are Ambitious

They believe they have what it takes to be the best. They believe they have the potential to be exceptional in what they do.

For me, this was a huge thought. For many years, it kept me back. When I observed someone doing better than me, I automatically concluded they were better than me. And if they were better than I was, it meant I was worse. As a result, they would be superior and I would be inferior.

That is a major issue in our society: we have thoughts of inferiority, which are frequently translated into feelings of unworthiness. The term “deserve” is derived from two Latin roots that imply “to serve.” You are entitled to 100% of everything you create and enjoy as long as it comes from serving others.

You’ll have a beautiful income if you serve better, serve more, serve at a higher level, serve more cheerfully, and serve a higher quality—and you’ll deserve every cent of it.

You simply have to believe that you are capable of being the best.

2. They are Courageous

Most people are held back by their fears, and successful ones fight to overcome them. Fear and doubt are the two largest obstacles to our success.

When you do something over and over again, it becomes a habit. Make it a practice to do the things that scare you throughout your life. The death of fear is assured if you do the thing you fear.

Confront your phobia. The ability to face one’s fears is a sign of a superior individual. If you have tremendous ambition and decide to be at the top, and you can face your fears and accomplish the things that are holding you back, those two things will be enough to make you a huge success.

3. They are Committed

Every field’s best performers are fully devoted. They have faith in themselves, their companies, their products and services, and their customers. They have a strong faith.

We know that the depth of your belief and what happens in your reality have a one-to-one relationship. And if you are completely certain that what you are doing is right and good, you become a catalyst. You make a transfer, similar to an electrical transfer of enthusiasm.

People who aren’t dedicated to their work live relatively empty lives. Caring is an important aspect of life; all men and women who live happy lives are concerned about the well-being of others.

4. They are Prepared

Successful people plan ahead of time and go over every detail. They go above and beyond what the normal individual would do. They are willing to make sacrifices that the normal individual is not. However, the change it makes is astounding.

Do your homework before going into a meeting. Research the information and practice your talking points before giving a speech. Before you take on a situation, go over every aspect with a fine-toothed comb.

People who are successful are more concerned with pleasant outcomes than with pleasing means. Nothing flatters your team, your customer, or your audience more than the impression that you have thoughtfully prepared.

Begin planning for tomorrow today.

5. They are Continuous Learners

High achievers understand that if they don’t improve on a regular basis, they will deteriorate. They read, listen to CDs, and participate in extra training.

A professional is always learning something new. As a result, read, listen to CDs, and continue to practice. Never stop learning new things.

6. They are Responsible

Our society’s elite have a pro-self-employment mentality. Because we are all self-employed—we are the presidents of our own personal services corporation—this is critical. Working for yourself and thinking we work for someone else is the biggest error we can ever make.

Our paycheck signer may change, and our occupations may change, but we remain the same. We are the one thing that never changes.

The truth is that this isn’t a choice; it’s a requirement. Your work, your life, your income, your body, your family, and your health are all under your control. You are alone to blame.

We must be accountable. No one is ever going to do it for us. The realization that you are the president of your own life is the most liberating and exhilarating thought.

7. They Take Risks

Most people never go far enough in terms of becoming noticed, obtaining attention, and creating a huge splash; they’re trying to safeguard or preserve a reputation, a position, or a previously obtained state.

The successful are willing to take risks—to put everything on the line and know that, regardless of the outcome, they can try again. “Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” as the old adage goes.

8. They Readily Take Action

Highly successful people take massive amounts of action. Even when on vacation (ask their husbands or family!), these folks rarely do nothing, regardless of what that action looks like.

The unsuccessful talk about a strategy but never seem to follow thru on what they say they’ll do—at least not enough to get what they desire.

Successful people believe that their long-term success is contingent on investing in actions that may not pay off immediately, but that, if pursued consistently and persistently over time, will bear fruit sooner or later.

9. They Focus on “Now”

Taking quick action helps the most successful to create the future they want. They understand that procrastination is their greatest flaw. Anyone who puts off doing what they can right now never achieve the momentum and confidence that comes with it.

10. They Break Traditional Ideas

The most successful people strive to start new traditions rather than follow old ones. Do not be a prisoner of others’ consensus thinking. Figure out how to take advantage of the established thinking that is preventing others from succeeding.

11. Be Goal-oriented

Successful people are extremely goal-oriented, focusing on the objective rather than the problem at all times. Because of their dedication and attention to aim, they appear to be able to bend bullets.

Although I strive to stay in the now, I like to focus most of my attention on the larger picture of my goals rather than the task I’m working on right now.

12. Be on a Mission

It will always be reduced to “just a job” until you start viewing your job as if you are on a mission. Every task should be approached with the ardent belief that it has the potential to transform the world forever.

Every phone contact, e-mail, sales visit, meeting, presentation, and a day spent at the office should be viewed as a calling for which you will be remembered for the rest of your life.

13. They Have a High Level of Motivation

The act or state of being stimulated to action is referred to as motivation. To succeed, you must be stimulated, enthusiastic, and motivated to take some action or participate in some activity.

This isn’t the kind of enthusiasm that lasts a few hours, a day, or a week; it’s built on the things you do every day to motivate yourself to take action and keep continuing. Highly successful people are always looking for and discovering new ways to push themselves to new heights.

14. Be Interested in Results

The results are more important to successful people than the effort, work, or time spent on an activity. Let’s face it: Whether you like it or not, the end outcome is what matters. Be tough on yourself and don’t let up until you’ve achieved your goals.

15. They Have Big Goals and Dreams

My greatest regret in life is that I did not set targets and goals based on what was feasible rather than on big, radical ideas at the outset. The concept of “big think” has the potential to change the world. Dream big, achieve largely, and then find out how to go even bigger!

16. They Create Their Own Reality

Successful people are similar to magicians in that they don’t deal with other people’s realities. Instead, they are hell-bent on inventing a new reality for themselves that isn’t the same as the one that the rest of the world accepts.

They don’t care what other people think is conceivable or impossible; all they care about is creating the things they imagine are possible.

17. Be Highly Ethical

To me, being ethical entails more than simply adhering to society’s established laws. I also believe that being ethical necessitates people doing what they have promised others they would do—and continue to do so until the intended results are achieved.

I’m not talking about “cash register” ethics here; rather, I’m referring to the larger concept of living up to your abilities and potential, as well as your implicit and stated obligations.

18. They Persist Until They Succeed

The capacity to stick to a plan despite setbacks, unexpected events, bad news, and opposition—to remain resolutely or firmly in some state, purpose, or course of action regardless of circumstances—is a trait shared by those who succeed. This attribute is required for every desire to become a reality.

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