WhatsApp Provides Almost 100 billion Messages Every Day

WhatsApp now delivers about 100 billion messages a day as the famous instant messaging app. The Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg revealed this.

The study says that users exchanged 100 trillion messages last New Year’s Eve on WhatsApp from a certain viewpoint. That is a day that WhatsApp has hit its height and as many of you can recall, of a day when it has also experienced customary failures in the previous couple decades.

WhatsApp is now only competing with itself. As from the beginning of 2016, 60 billion messages were exchanged just by using Facebook Messenger and WhatsAps. In May, Apple CEO Tim Cook said iMessage and face to face saw the record use, so had no clear figures. Last and time the number was shared by Apple, it was a long way behind these WhatsApp at the time. WeChat is behind in the daily allowance of messages, which has really accumulated over 1 trillion users.

WhatsApp has been used to share approximately 50 billion text each day at the beginning of 2014, which had been announced at an event by then Chief Executive Jan Koum.

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WhatsApp had less than five hundred million subscribers at the time. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users now and its success exceeds that of all of the other mobile apps, along with the big blue app, in India, its biggest market amongst users.

“We’ve relied more now than ever next year on messages to stay current with our family members and get business done,” said WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart.

“We are proud that WhatsApp can deliver about 100B of news per day and are looking forward to the journey ahead,” he said.

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